Leadenham polo club


Leadenham Polo Club was established at Leadenham in Lincolnshire by James Reeve who is incredibly passionate about polo and wanted to introduce the sport to more people by bringing it back to the village he was brought up in. One of our main ambitions here at Leadenham is to make polo accessible for all, and we do this by trying to keep our prices as affordable as possible whilst still maintaining the highest standards.

We have a renowned laser leveled and irrigated polo field, which is among the best in the country. Our fantastic string of Argentinian polo ponies are of varying levels from really nice match ponies down to the perfect lesson horses for beginners. We have a reputation for having great horses, that our clients enjoy riding and always request which is something that we will always maintain.

Our members and clients play a big role in helping to continuously shape and improve Leadenham. Whether you have played polo for years, or whether you have never picked up a mallet before - we welcome all here at Leadenham.



  • Laser leveled and irrigated full size polo pitch
  • Stick & ball field
  • Schooling Menage
  • Polo Livery Service
  • Clubhouse with a licensed bar
  • Grass Tennis Court
  • Hot Tub and BBQ area
  • Accommodation



Work on the polo field began in 2006 and it was completed in 2007. James consulted one of the best pitch designers in the country who came up with the specifications for the polo field, as he wanted to ensure that the field here at Leadenham was of the highest quality. Old farm land was stripped back and laser leveled with thousands of tonnes of sand mixed into the surface to improve the playability and drainage. The field was then sown with a specialist blend of grass seed. The first chukkas were finally played on the field in late 2008.

We take great pride in our polo field here at Leadenham as we know how amazing it is to play polo on. The grass is cut at least twice a week to ensure it is kept at the perfect length, and we regularly fertilize the field and have it verti-drained to stop it becoming too compacted and encourage drainage. In 2016 we had irrigation installed so that the field can be watered throughout the Summer, providing a softer playing surface for the horses to ride on and the ball to run on. 

Below are some photos that show the polo fields construction from the very beginning, to the established polo field we have now.



Members here at Leadenham have access to the full use of all the clubs facilities, this includes use of our hot tub, grass tennis court and croquet lawn. Our clubhouse also has accommodation for up to 14 guests, and is available to rent out at weekends or throughout the week for polo breaks.

We have a licensed bar in our Clubhouse, and will also be setting up a pitch side bar in our Marquee by the polo field this year, making the Marquee more of a permanent structure. It will allow spectators to enjoy a drink whilst watching the polo, and create a new area for members to socialise in.

Our biggest project for this year and for the future is getting our Winter facility set up. We have chosen a site, and we are now inquiring about arena surfaces - we want to ensure that we get the best possible surface as we always set our standards high here at Leadenham. When built we plan on putting in an outdoor arena, stick & ball field, canter track and an uphill gallop, stabling for 30+ horses and a further clubhouse. Watch this space for updates on the progress.



We offer a full polo livery service to our club members here at Leadenham. Keeping a polo horse fit can be a lot of work and requires daily feeding, exercising and schooling which we can provide here on site alongside our own polo ponies. Our professional grooms will ensure your horses are always turned out to the highest standard and tack is cleaned daily after use. We can also arrange farrier and vet visits when required.

All our horses here live out during the Summer in 12 acres of paddocking, with the addition of 70 acres of turn out for the Winter months.

For pricing and to discuss your requirements please get in contact with Lydia via e-mail at office@leadenhampoloclub.com