Happy New Year from Leadenham

We hope you had a very merry Christmas and hope you enjoyed your 2016 Polo Season here at Leadenham! We are already looking forward to the 2017 season and hope that it will be a Happy New Year for us all!

As you know our main targets last year were to install irrigation, buy new horses and make improvements to the Clubhouse. We are pleased to say that we have delivered all three. The irrigation will mean that the field will never be hard during the “hot” Summer months, which will mean that horses will stay sounder for longer on the softer field and provide both a better surface for the horses to ride on and the ball to run on. We bought three new horses - Lagunera, Tobiano & Gringo. They fulfilled the criteria that we set, in that they are amongst our most popular horses and are always requested, demonstrating our commitment to provide fantastic horses to our clients. Lastly we made a number of improvements to the Clubhouse, those of you that have been inside will have noticed the new kitchen, Clubhouse Bar area and the grass Tennis Courts outside, which we hope will see lots of use this year.

We will continue to make improvements in all these key areas to maintain our standards and where possible to raise them. But looking forward we are hoping to invest in an all weather facility as soon as possible. We have already set the “ball” in motion, picked the site and are currently looking into different surfaces – having been in touch with many of the leading firms for polo arena surfaces. In early 2017 we will be visiting many different polo arenas with consultants from the companies to find the perfect set up for Leadenham. Besides a full size polo arena, we hope to put in a canter/gallop track, stabling for 30+ horses and a stick & ball field.

Having this facility will ensure that we can continue to run all year round, and provide a much expanded grass roots program for new clients, Schools & Universities. It would be a great facility for a young horse program, which we’d hope to extend. We’d also hope that it would attract a range of other equine disciplines which would further strengthen the foundations of the Club. With irrigation we hope it will be easier to run much more regular Club matches throughout the season, inviting guest teams and players to Leadenham.

We're very much looking forward to the 2017 season and excited for the new opportunities and ventures that it will bring.